As a freelance developmental editor, Megan Pugh helps nonfiction writers communicate their ideas clearly and elegantly. She particularly enjoys working with academics who want their scholarship to reach wider audiences. Please contact her to learn about rates and availability.

As an assistant professor, I am incredibly fortunate to have worked with Megan Pugh on my first book manuscript. She helped me navigate many of the anxieties I had about the publishing process and the mismatch between my vision for the project and the words I had on the page. She is an incredibly skilled, patient, and insightful developmental editor. I learned so much from her approach to writing and appreciated that she always tried to help me hone my voice and fine-tune my argument in ways that would reach my intended audience. She helped me see my own writing and ideas in new ways and dramatically improved the narrative flow of the book! I never felt vulnerable sharing my work with Megan or torn down by her suggestions—she provided constant encouragement and ideas for how to fix what wasn’t working. I really appreciated her clear advice and timely completion of editorial services. She is brilliant, kind, and fair. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

—Jennifer Gaddis, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Society and Community Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and author of The Labor of Lunch: Why We Need Real Food and Real Jobs in American Public Schools, forthcoming from University of California Press

Megan Pugh is a gifted developmental editor. A careful reader and diplomatic editor, she brings invaluable advice and direction to authors from diverse fields. Pugh has an outstanding talent for helping authors identify their big-picture goals, and working with those authors to hone their voices and narrative intentions in order to reach crossover audiences. I strongly recommend her work.

—Kate Marshall, Acquisitions Editor, University of California Press